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May 27, 2017
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Weather Report

May 11, 2017
Union Made - Made in the USA by Americans USA Printed - Imprinted in USA by Americans.  This product is Union Made, however it is not Union printed.
To Order Call 1-800-259-4580

Our flags are printed in digital acid dye with any design in any number of colors.  The fabric always starts out white, the background can be printed with a full bleed at no extra charge.  A one time art charge may apply to your order, please contact us for details.

fl100  4' x 6' Outdoor nylon flags.  Flag is made single, meaning it reads correctly on the front side and in reverse on the back side.  Finished with canvas heading and grommets.

 Quantity 1 3 6 12
 fl100 Outdoor flags, price each $389.00 246.00 186.00 129.00



fl110  3' x 5' Indoor or Parade nylon flag (not pictured).  Flag is made double and interlined so that it reads correctly on both sides, both sides will have identical imprint.  Finished with a pole hem.

 Quantity 1 3 6 12
 fl110 Indoor / Parade flags, price each $533.00 316.00 233.00 185.00


fpcb  Flag Carrying Belt

The function of this belt is to make it easier on the person carrying the flag during a parade.  Constructed from black leather with two straps which fit over both shoulders of the person carrying the flag.  The bottom of the pole fits into the belt alowing the weight of the pole and flag to be supported by the person's body as opposed to only their arms supporting the weight.  This belt is made in the USA, however it is not Union made.
 Quantity 1
 fpcb  Flag Carrying Belt $70.00

Effective 2016

Union Flags- these custom imprinted flags are Union made in the USA, and printed by American workers.

Imprinted Promotional Union Products.  Goldstein Associates offers the largest assortment of Union Made and USA Made Imprinted Promotional Products.

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