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July 20, 2018
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Embroidered Patches
Jul 08, 2018
Union Embroidered Patches, Union Made & Union Printed
Union Made - Made in the USA  by Americans Union Printed - Imprinted  in USA by Americans
To Order Call 1-800-259-4580
Union Embroidered Patches, Union Made & Union Printed

ep10  Can you imagine the widespread advertising your Local would receive if every single member of your Local wore your Union's logo on their favorite garment?  Now this can actually become a reality thanks to our super durable embroidered patches.  Your Union's logo can be beautifully embroidered in up to seven thread colors.  Prices include your design in 100% embroidery, meaning the entire surface of your emblem will be stitched (the background material of the patch will not show through). If your design does not cover 100% of the patch you may qualify for reduced prices, please call us for a special price quotation.

Please use one of these two methods to determine the size of your patch:
1.  Circular - measure the diameter of the patch.
2.  Rectangular and / or any custom shape - add the width to the height and then divide by two.

Prices are unit costs.

Quantity 100 200 300 500 1000 2000 3500
 Size <=2" $5.10 2.80 2.10 1.55 1.05 .75 .69
 Size <=2 1/2" 5.44 3.10 2.30 1.57 1.15 .97 .76
 Size <=3" 5.50 3.32 2.75 2.02 1.40 1.16 .99
 Size <=3 1/2" 5.44 3.42 3.08 2.22 1.61 1.36 1.14
 Size <=4" 5.86 3.82 3.26 2.34 2.12 1.77 1.45

Your embroidered patches will be produced by members of UNITEHERE!  Because the nature of the embroidery process does not allow us to reproduce very small print or fine detail, please understand that the small Union Label (Union Bug) that will appear on your embroidered patches will not be legible.


An iron on backing is included in the above prices.  (If you do not require an iron on backing we cannot extend a discount to you.)


Do not apply to nylon jackets, the material must be able to take heat of approximately 300 degrees Fahrenheit.  Preheat the iron for approximately 5 minutes on high setting.  Iron the area of the garment where the emblem is going to be for approximately 30 seconds.  Place the patch in the desired location on the garment.  Put a lightweight cloth like an old cotton t-shirt over the patch.  Using a back and forth motion press firmly over the cloth for approximately 25 seconds.  Important: DO NOT iron directly on the patch, you must have a lightweight cloth between the iron and the patch.

Effective 2018

Union Embroidered Patches- these custom imprinted embroidered emblems are Union made in the USA, and Union printed by American workers.

Imprinted Promotional Union Products.  Goldstein Associates offers the largest assortment of Union Made and USA Made Imprinted Promotional Products.

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Please read our general information page, this information applies to all of the products on this site. All prices and descriptions are
subject to change without notice, however, please rest assured that if the price listed for the product you have chosen on this site is
different than the actual current price we will notify you before we begin producing your order.

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